The Fins Interviewed On Echo Radio

The Fins recently did an interview  on Echo Radio with Matt & Graham. For anyone who missed the interview you can listen to it here: We had a lot of fun as you will probably be able to tell. A big thanks to Matt and Graham for having us on the show! Continue Reading

I Plead Irony

Its been a while since I posted anything but that is because, luckily I am a busy man these days. Anyway, I think its about time to unveil my new project which is called “I Plead Irony“. Myself, Lawrence and Paul from The Fins have been secretly squirrelled away writing new material that we think… Continue Reading

Atomic Garden @ La Cooperative De Mai

Last weekend I had the honour of taking a trip to Clermont-Ferrand in France to play a gig at “La Cooperative De Mai” for the release of the Atomic Garden record “Arco Iris“. To cut a long story short, two of the previous members of Atomic Garden quit the band last year after recording their… Continue Reading

Arco Iris – Atomic Garden

Arco Iris – Atomic Garden

Today marks the release of “Arco Iris” by Atomic Garden. A fantastic album by a lovely bunch of my friends from Clermont Ferrand in France. If you listen closely to the song “Newton Was Right” you might be able to hear me on backing vocals. Go check it out! Continue Reading